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R. B. Douglass & Associates, Inc. has been in business since 1980 and specializes in designing, building and installing converting equipment for the paper and plastic film industries. A significant portion of the design business involves proprietary designs and processes. We also provide consulting to these industries with emphasis on equipment, process control, efficiency improvements and waste reduction.

Our clients are both large and small companies. Smaller companies want to make a jump in technology without surrendering their process knowledge to an equipment builder. It is typical for us to provide design and project management services to these clients in order to support their smaller staff. The use of our services is also an important means of controlling installation costs for the client.

Larger companies utilize our services to assure technically correct decisions, to purchase only the equipment needed, and to avoid unfamiliar engineering areas. More importantly, engineering information can be generated without clients increasing staff or disrupting workloads.

A broad range of projects can be recognized when reviewing the company's project list.  Many of our projects have dealt with heat and mass transfer and controlling temperature history for web processing. These projects also reflect the broad scope of mechanical design, process controls, and installation responsibilities provided by our company. We have now expanded our projects into the areas of fiber optic communications, supervisory controls and digitally controlled drive systems including AC/DC and servos.