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1980 - Present

bullet Concept and design development for capturing wave energy to produce electrical power ($200K)


bullet Design and manufacture a film annealing machine to operate at 5 gms/cm tension ($1.2M)


bullet Design and manufacture of three transmission test stands for the automotive industry ($1.6M)


bullet Design and manufacture of a two station emulsion coater with sectional electric drive and combination convection with I-R oven system ($2.4M)


bullet Complete renovation of paper coater for producing scratch free polyester release liner ($1.2M)


bullet Development of equipment specifications and building layout, survey of equipment vendors, and recommendations for equipment purchases for a new offshore plant to produce siliconized liner ($5M)


bullet Design and install drive system modifications on existing coating line using state machine logic (1600 fpm), add totally automatic splicing, supply new winder layon system ($250K) 


bullet Design and build dual rod coating station with air turn for 2-side coating on existing coating line; design oven modifications ($350K)


bullet Design, supply, and install complete paster/laminator line for producing museum quality matte board ($5M)


bullet Refurbishment of (2) existing slitters (72" wide x 50" diameter, 3000 fpm) including the design and manufacturer of a new shaftless unwinder ($1M)


bullet Design and manufacture of coating/laminating machine for vapor transmittal films ($836K)


bullet Design and manufacture of a 288" wide finishing line for texturing 100 mil PE ($2.2M)


bullet Design and manufacture of 100" wide polyethylene/emulsion adhesive coater for mirror backing and protective films ($425K)


bullet Redesign and modification of an existing two station coater to a four station coater ($800K)


bullet Design and manufacture of turret winder and flying splice for 0.10" thick x 288" wide PE web ($350K)


bullet Design and manufacture of machine direction molecular orientator for specialized film processing ($850K)


bullet Design and manufacture of a dual mayer rod coating head ($185K)


bullet Design and manufacture of mayer rod coating heads ($135K)


bullet Design and manufacture of a 200 kW I-R booster oven into an existing coating line ($175K)


bullet Design and manufacture of a polyamid/nonwoven/woven coating system ($160K)


bullet Reconfiguration of an adhesive/film coater by adding coating station, drier and laminator with speed increase and waste reduction ($965K)


bullet Design and manufacture of hot melt coater/laminator for combining film and non-wovens ($900K)


bullet Survey for possible locations for new plant, cost development for plant and equipment ($55K)


bullet Slitter modifications for automatic roll handling ($145K)


bullet Design and manufacture of 6" diameter core extractor system, 290" cores ($69K)


bullet Equipment survey, adhesive coated foams and foam laminants ($15K)


bullet Survey and design recommendation for rebuilding a 60" coater for solvent coatings on mylar  ($35K)


bullet Proprietary design and manufacture of specialty polyester film slitter/winder ($365K)


bullet Design of a nonwoven coating machine for producing dryer fabric softener sheets ($350K)


bullet Development of high strength nonwoven film composite ($105K)


bullet Modification of existing film coater to improve speed 250% ($269K)


bullet Development of a low foam emulsion adhesive coating head ($65K)


bullet Modification of an existing coater to produce nonwoven/adhesive coated products ($215K)


bullet Design of a wet ply nonwoven/nonwoven laminator ($1.35M)


bullet Design of a minimum dwell coating head for paper board ($575K)


bullet Redesign of an 80" x 50" diameter slitter, including servo positioning drives, winder lead section and slitter tension section, 2500 FPM ($150K)


bullet Design and installation of a high speed solvent coater, DC sectional electric drive, incinerator ($4.8M)


bullet Design of a 72" diameter x 138" turret unwind with flying splice for paper mill operation at 1000 FPM ($950K)


bullet Design and manufacture of a film transport system to operate in a vacuum and intense plasma energy field ($210K)


bullet 60" Coater reconfiguration, including ovens, gravure coating heads, turret unwinds, turret winder. Integrate new nineteen motor digital DC drive system using fiber optic communications ($1.35M)


bullet Redesign and reprogramming of automatic core cutter to improve reliability ($85K)


bullet Design of a 600’ long automated seaming machine for large balloons ($600K)